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Review Darshan Prince Kannada Movie

‘Prince’ story is not just a revenge saga of a vibrant youngster Vishnu (Darshan). He is ‘Kotigobba’! A man with right side heart! One in one crore has the right side heart! ‘Prince’ is intelligently packaged in the second half and it is folded in sentiment, revenge, comedy, action, humanity etc.

The advertisement for an inner garment ‘Jockey’ brand earns Vishnu a pretty good name and he occupies a wonderful placement in his company. The mutual love with Anjali (Nikitha) and marriage thereafter, pregnancy of Anjali and how she is killed are explained in the flashback.

But this is Vishnu avatar! The killing of one of the three cops leads to various suspicions. Who has done it? In the avatar effortlessly Vishnu clears the wrong doers with his muscle and brain power is interesting elements in ‘Prince’. Secluded in a far of place Vishnu in ‘Prince’ poses as Rajakumar and further creates confusion to the characters but how it is narration that forms interesting part of the film.

Finally the CBI investigating the case of Vishnu clears the case and laud the ‘Prince’ Vishnu who is now living in memory of Anjali in an orphan house of course with Preeti (Jennifer Kotwal) the television anchor who supported him very much.

ANALYSIS – The intelligent narration, dialogues brilliant performance from Darshan gives a comfortable place for ‘Prince’. Director N Omprakash Rao known for lifting scenes from various films and making a film (he has admitted it many a times) has given the credit for story to Dennisa Prakash.

The revenge saga of ‘Prince’ Vishnu – killing three top cops for framing him as a terrorist and killing of protagonist pregnant wife sounds very familiar story.

Kudos yet for N Omprakash Rao for making a glorious commercial entertainer! He knows well what is the demand of the Darshan fans and how to keep the audience engaged. He has been doing since 25 films so far.

The nerve raking action scenes the softness in the middle the gutsy approach of the hero that succeeds makes this film sit and watch. The ladder climbing technique and sitting on top after everything is the art this director. He manages well.

The dialogues written by MS Ramesh are bombastic. Ramesh knows what kind of dialogues which hero should utter. He has given some sentiment dialogues to for Darshan when he is in the prison. The husband telling wife (Darshan to Nikita) that as a wife you have given lot of happiness to me and as a husband I have not given that happiness earns more meaning when Nikitha is killed in a road accident as a pregnant lady. There are many more punching dialogues from MS Ramesh.

PERFORMANCE – This is a ‘Pukka’ Darshan film. He has given Ugadi treat for his fans. He looks grand, emoted well and done extraordinary action. All these three are enough for box office draw. Darshan in the name of Vishnu alias Vishnuvardhana in this film and later as Rajakumara earns him wonderful applaud. Sitting on a chair in front of CBI officers Darshan telling he is not Vishnuvardhana but Rajakumar there is thunderous whistle and claps for him. The whistle continues when Darshan says this Rajakumara is son of Toogudeepa Srinivas. In real life his father name is Toogudeepa Srinivas a popular actor.

Nikitha is perfect choice to Darshan but not Jennifer Kotwal, Nikitha as a married woman in this film taking lot of responsibility earns good name. Jennifer Kotwal showing her ugly knees and thighs should immediately reform in her roles is what one would feel.

For both the heroines director N Omprakash Rao has taken skin show liberally. Nikitha in the first scene with blue costumes is an additional boon to the commercial elements. With these two heroines director N Omprakash Rao has not thought of an item dancer.

Suchendra Prasad stern looks and authority filled voice, Ramesh Bhat sensibilies, Avinash anger, Shobaraj sense of humor are good to watch on the silver screen.

TECHNICALITY – There is one graphic scene where Avinash character goes in to pieces from Liquid Nitrogen acid. This moment is quite stunning. The cinematography of Veenus Murthy is not questionable. But why Darshan bends when he is dancing. Is it the order of cameraman because of his height?

V.Harikrishna filling the demand of Darshan the challenging star has given two peppy numbers. But his melody Kushiyali Kushiyali….is superb!

This is a wonderful commercial entertainer!

Last but Not the least – There is no ‘Sandesha’ (Sandesh Nagaraj is the producer) but there is only Darshana (Darshan is the hero)

Excellent Commercial Packege - Score 4/5

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Title – Prince
Cast – Darshan, Nikita, Jennifer Kotwal, Avinash, Shobaraj, Ramesh Bhat, Ravi Chetan, Suchendra Prasad, Rekha, Sangeetha, N Omprakash Rao and others
Cinematography – Veenus Murthy
Music – V Harikrishna
Producer – Sandesh Nagaraj MLC
Screenplay, direction – N Omprakash Rao

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